Review: Recent advancements of edible fruit coatings

A recently published review examines the potential of engineered nanostructured biopolymer based coatings for perishable fruits.

The authors of a new review have highlighted recent advancements in the development of edible fruit coatings. Image source: vedatzorluer - Pixabay (symbol image).

Among various methods employed in extension of fruits shelf-life, design and fabrication of edible nanocoatings with antimicrobial activities have attracted considerable interest because of their enormous potential, novel functions, eco-friendly nature and good durability. In recent years, scientific communities have payed increased attention in the development of advanced antimicrobial edible coatings to prolong the postharvest shelf-life of fruits using hydrocolloids. The authors of a new review have now attempted to highlight the technical breakthrough and recent advancements in the development of edible fruit coating by the application of various types of agro-industrial residues and different active nanomaterials incorporated into the coatings and their effects on shelf-life of perishable fruits.

Nutritional security during COVID-19 pandemic

Improvements in highly desired functions such as antioxidant/antimicrobial activities and mechanical properties of edible coating to significantly control the gases (O2/CO2) permeation by the incorporation of nanoscale natural materials as well as metal nanoparticles are reviewed and discussed. In addition, by compiling recent knowledge, advantages of coatings on fruits for nutritional security during COVID-19 pandemic are also summarised along with the scientific challenges and insights for future developments in fabrication of engineered nanocoatings.

The study has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 163, February 2022.

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