Recent progress in low-carbon binders

A new paper reviews recent progress in the three most attractive low-carbon binders: alkali-activated, carbonate, and belite-ye’elimite-based binders.

Mason's trowels lean against a wall.
Carbonate and belite-ye'elimite-based binders are attracting more and more attention as alternative low-carbon cementitious materials. Source: Tono Balaguer – -

The development of low-carbon binders has been recognised as a means of reducing the carbon footprint of the Portland cement industry, in response to growing global concerns over CO2 emissions from the construction sector. Alkali-activated binders/materials were reviewed at the past two ICCC congresses, so this paper focuses on some key developments of alkali-activated binders/materials since the last keynote paper was published in 2015.

Creating a sustainable future for the construction industry

Recent progress on carbonate and belite-ye’elimite-based binders are also reviewed and discussed, as they are attracting more and more attention as essential alternative low-carbon cementitious materials. These classes of binders have a clear role to play in providing a sustainable future for global construction, as part of the available toolkit of cements.

The study is published in: Cement and Concrete Research Volume 122, August 2019, Pages 227-250.

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