Potential of the plant oleander as green antifouling technology

One challenge to commercialisation of natural antifoulants is to find effective substances from flora and fauna with sufficient amount available. In a study, four cardenolides were isolated from the widely distributed plant oleander and evaluated for antifouling activity against barnacle settlement.

Potential of the plant oleander as green antifouling technology. Source: Elina Gareeva - Fotolia.com -

All of the tested compounds showed a strong inhibitory activity against barnacle settlement, with EC50 values ranging from 0.58 to 230.67 ng ml−1.

Incorporation into coatings

Additionally, evaluation of their lethality against a non-target organism Artemia salina L., revealed LC50 values of 17.23 to above 100 μg ml−1, indicating moderate to low toxicity. Furthermore, investigation of the field antifouling performance of three oleander extracts containing cardenolides by incorporation into coatings revealed significant antifouling efficiency in marine water for 30 days. The findings indicate the commercial potential for these natural antifouling products.

The study is published in: International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation, Volume 127, February 2018.

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