Phosphorylated tannin-based fire protection coatings

The aim of of a new study was to evaluate the performance of intumescent coatings based on chemically modified tannin in passive fire protection.

Flames against black background.
With the popularity of mass engineered timber growing in the construction industry Image source: Hans Braxmeier - Pixabay (symbol image).

Chemical modification of tannins was carried out with phosphorus pentoxide or phytic acid. Following this, a set of paints were formulated, each of which contained one of the tannins in combination with expandable graphite and ammonium polyphosphate as pigments.

The chemical modification of the tannins was evidenced by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy analysis, and the thermal protection of mild steel samples coated with the prepared organic coatings was evaluated after the exposure of samples to a Bunsen torch.

Good fire protection

It was found that all coatings provided good fire protection, and the temperature of the steel substrate after 30 min of the experiment did not exceed 130°C in the formulations where only the chemically modified tannin with the expandable graphite was used.

The study has been published in Journal of Coatings Technology and Research, Volume 18, 2021.

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