Novel self-repairing and anti-corrosive coating

Scientists have presented an ultra-fast self-repairing of anti-corrosive coating based on synergistic effect between cobalt octoate and linseed oil.

A corroded spot on a white painted surface.
Epoxy-based coatings are conventionally used for protection against CUI due to their superior mechanical and chemical properties that determine the extended overall lifespan of a coating Image source: Blende 11 - (symbol image).

A new microcapsule was prepared by a facile emulsions process for improving the self-repairing speed of anti-corrosive polymer coating. The microcapsule is based on the cobalt octoate/linseed oil and GO nanosheets, which acts as core and shell. The new microcapsule in polyurethane coating provided the ultra-fast self-repairing speed (ca.5.0 min).

Anti-corrosive polymer coating

The result was attributed to synergistic catalytic curing reaction of linseed oil in presence of cobalt octoate and O2. Furthermore, it also improved their anti-corrosion properties due to the good barrier of the GO nanosheets. As the reseachers point out, their work confirms the formation of anti-corrosive polymer coating with ultra-fast self-repairing performance for various applications.

The study has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 166, May 2022.

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