IntAIRCOAT 2023 calls for speakers

The leading international conference on aircraft and aerospace coatings will take place in Sevilla, Spain, in June 2023 and opened the call for speakers.

The IntAIRCOAT 2023 will be accompanied by a technical tour at the SATYS paint shop in Sevilla. Image souce: SATYS

At Intaircoat 2023 the aircraft coating industry will meet in Sevilla to discuss the latest innovations, techniques, materials and strategies with a strong focus on how to increase sustainability in the aircraft coating sector, either by new materials and substitution of substances of concern or by more efficient painting and paint repair system. Intaircoat 2023 will look into the full life cycle of aircraft coatings.

Another focus is set on the automation of aircraft coating. Which approaches are currently implemented, and which innovative techniques may be reasonable for the future? New techniques are also oftentimes applied by the MRO industry – seize the opportunity to make your latest innovations known.

Nevertheless, the best process does not work without suitable materials. Are new coating materials like biobased coatings ready for the aircraft industry and are there new functionalities that can benefit the sector? This will be one of the topics at Intaircoat 2023.

The call for speakers is open now. A proposal should comprise of a preliminary title, an abstract with around 500 characters and the name as well as contact data for the proposed speaker.Proposals for presentations can be send to:

Jan Gesthuizen
Program coordinator
T +49 511 9910-322

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