Improved anticorrosion properties of waterborne coatings

A new study describes the improvement of anticorrosion properties of waterborne coatings by designing a new type of modified graphene with high dispersion and low conductivity.

One corroded and one non-corroded pipe.
Organic films and coatings offer many advantages as corrosion barriers. Image source: dbphotos - (symbol image)

Researchers have synthesised gallic acid modified and reduced graphene coated by polydopamine (DM-GO). The results show that gallic acid can reduce graphene oxide and promote the stable dispersion of graphene in solution, and repair some defects of graphene surface through π-π interactions.

Significant improvement

Polydopamine can effectively mitigate serious corrosion caused by graphene due to its high electrical conductivity. Because of the barrier effect of well-dispersed graphene and the presence of polydopamine, the addition of DM-GO into waterborne coating leads to the significant improvement of the adhesion and long-term corrosion resistance of coatings.

The study has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 173, December 2022.

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