Enhancing weathering resistance of UV-curable coatings

Aiming to enhance the weathering resistance of UV curable coatings, a new study prepared a series of UV-curable composite coatings using TiO2 particles as filler and systematically evaluated the influences of TiO2 on the UV-curing process and weathering performance.

Rain pattering on a black surface as a symbolic image.
The weathering performance of an epoxy coating could be improved. Image source:  Sourabh Yadav - Pixabay (symbol image).

The weathering resistance of the UV-cured coating was evaluated by colour and gloss change, FTIR spectroscopy, SEM images as well as anticorrosion property through artificial accelerated UV aging test. The results showed that the presence of TiO2 has a negative effect on the curing efficiency, but by properly tuning the TiO2 content and coating thickness, a fully UV-cured coating with high double bond conversion and gel content could still be prepared.

Enhanced weathering resistance

During accelerated UV aging test, the UV-cured TiO2 composite coating exhibited a much smaller change in colour, gloss, morphology, and surface chemistry than pristine coatings, demonstrating the presence of TiO2 could remarkably enhance the weathering resistance of UV curable coatings. Additionally, salt spray tests showed better anti-corrosion behavior of the aged composite coating compared to aged pure resin coating.

The study has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 169, August 2022.

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