Enhancing the weathering durability of wood

Reseachers have studied the durability enhancement of wood by using bark extracts as natural UV absorbers in waterborne acrylic coating.

A wooden garden chair.
Researchers have presented a new bio-based epoxide-amine nanocoatings for wood as a replacement of commercial BPA-based epoxy coatings.  Image source:  MixMotive - Fotolia (symbol image).

One of the crucial problems for wooden garden furniture is fading with the effect of UV rays. The colour changes as a result of weathering affect the usage of furniture. In a new study, waterborne acrylic coatings containing bark extracts were evaluated as an environment-friendly wood surface preservative to improve the service life of wood in outdoor conditions.

Bark of 10 tree species

For this purpose, waterborne acrylic coatings were produced using extracts from the bark of 10 tree species applied on two different wood surfaces (scots pine and beech). The natural weathering test was conducted to determine the changes in the physical, mechanical and chemical structures of the coatings and wooden surfaces.

Test results showed that it may be possible to use tree bark extracts with high UV absorbability instead of commercial UV absorbers in waterborne acrylic coatings used in outdoor conditions.

The study has been published in Journal of Coatings Technology and Research, Volume 19, 2022.

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