Enhanced anticorrosion by modified basalt powder

Researchers have studied the anticorrosion properties of modified basalt powder in epoxy resin coatings.

A corroded spot on a white painted surface.
Epoxy-based coatings are conventionally used for protection against CUI due to their superior mechanical and chemical properties that determine the extended overall lifespan of a coating Image source: Blende 11 - stock.adbobe.com (symbol image).

In the study, 3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane (APTMS) was used as a coupling agent to modify the surface of basalt powder. The modified basalt powder (MBP) was added to epoxy resin in different proportions as fillers, and the coatings with different MBP contents were prepared by applying the mixture on the metal substrates. The hardness of coatings can be enhanced up to 0.25 GPa with the increase in MBP, and the elastic of coatings increases to the highest of 4.97 GPa for MBP-10/EP. Their water absorption rates after soaking in water for 21 h decreased to 0.75%.

Improved corrosion resistance

The corrosion resistance of EP coating also was improved by adding MBP after being immersed in 3.5 wt% NaCl solution for 15 d, which was 7.8 times higher than that of neat epoxy coating (MBP-0/EP).

The study has been published in Journal of Coatings Technology and Research, Volume 19, September 2022.

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