Effect of expox resin on the properties of high-porosity cement foam

Epoxy resin can enhance the compressive strength of high-porosity cement foam. This is one of the findings of a study that Chinese researchers from Southwest University of Science and Technology have undertaken.

Effect of expox resin on the properties of high-porosity cement foam. Source: Pixabay -

Different dosages of waterborne epoxy resin were added to cement slurries, which were used to prepare high-porosity cement foam via the pre-foaming method.

Improved workability

The results revealed that the resin resulted in improved workability and reduced yield stress and plastic viscosity of the cement foam slurries. Although the resin yielded increased air-void sizes, the mechanical properties of the cement foam improved. A compressive strength and thermal conductivity of 0.77 MPa and 0.069 W/m·K, respectively, at a porosity of 89.4%, were obtained for the resin-modified cement foam. Moreover, resin addition also resulted in a decrease in the water absorption and a slight increase in the thermal conductivity of the cement foam.

The study is published in: Construction and Building Materials, Volume 154, 15 November 2017, Pages 115-122

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