Anticorrosive and UV-blocking waterborne polyurethane composite coating

A new work describes a waterborne polyurethane composite coating containing novel two-dimensional Ti3C2 MXene nanosheets.

The composite coatingsown an excellent UV-blocking property. Image source: Peggy_Marco - Pixabay (symbol image).

In the work, Ti3C2 MXene, a novel two-dimensional nanosheet, was introduced to waterborne polyurethane (WPU) coatings to prepare a composite coating.

First, MAX phase materials were in situ etched by HF acid and further intercalated by water molecules to obtain exfoliated single-layer MXene nanosheet. Then composite coatings were prepared via solution-blending low addition (0–0.4 wt%) of MXene, self-prepared waterborne polyacrylate emulsion (PAE) and isocyanate hardener, applying on Q235 mild steel.

Excellent UV-blocking property

Results of AFM, XRD SEM and SEM–EDS confirm that single-layer MXene nanosheets with large lateral-to-thickness ratio were successfully prepared and achieved homogenous distribution within WPU matrix. With 0.4 wt% MXene incorporated, the WPU/Ti3C2 MXene composite coatings reach a lowest corrosion current of 2.143 × 10–6 A/cm2, a decrease of one order of magnitude compared with blank WPU (1.599 × 10–5 A/cm2) and own an excellent UV-blocking property (almost block the whole UV light).

The study has been published in Journal of Materials Science, Volume 56, 2021.

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