Advances in self-healing anticorrosive coatings

A new review article gives a comprehensive overview of the advances of design and application in self-healing anticorrosive coating.

Anticorrosion coatings with a self-healing functions can actively repair a damaged structure and improve the anticorrosion performance to better meet actual needs.  Image source: James Steidl - (symbol image).

As a significant method to inhibit metal corrosion by blocking the diffusion of corrosive mediums to the metal surface, the anticorrosion coating with a self-healing function can actively repair a damaged structure and improve the anticorrosion performance to better meet actual needs. “External aid” and “intrinsic triggering” self-healing coatings have been introduced in detail, including the preparation method, healing mechanism and practical applications. The healing of “external aid” is based on the addition components such as microcapsules containing healing agents and functional nanoparticles, whose ability of self-healing shows the independence with the coating resin. But the finitely additive amount may limit the sustainable use of “external aid” components, and the abundant fillers also change the basic physical properties of the coating.

Advantages and disadvantages

On the contrary, the “intrinsic triggering” resins can form the cover layer in the defects owing to the physical or chemical reactions between the polymer chains. By contrast, the small defects or gaps can be repaired gradually through chain reactions, but the large areas of damage may need the quick release of healing additives in “external aid” coating. The new review analyses the advances of two kinds of self-healing coatings to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various healing technologies, and the challenges of development and prospects were also forecasted to provide useful ideas.

The review has been published in Journal of Coatings Technology and Research , Volume 20, Issue 3, May 2023.

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