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22. Jan 2021 | Coatings Technologies

“Labyrinthine structure” anticorrosive water-based composite coatings

Recentlty, a novel environmentally friendly modified graphene oxide/waterborne epoxy composite coating has been reported.
The composite with a 0.5 wt.% content of MGO presented remarkably improved corrosion resistance.
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According to the scientists, the composite coating, developed by introducing graphene oxide modified with [3-(2-aminoethyl) aminopropyl] trimethoxysilane (MGO) into waterborne epoxy, exhibited excellent corrosion resistance and slight harm of solvent-based coating to the environment.

Improved corrosion resistance

The MGO displayed perfect dispersion and corrosion resistance, which reduced the aggregation of graphene oxide (GO) due to the coupling of functional groups. After modification, the lamellar structure of GO remained unchanged, and the interlayer spacing was increased. Crosslinking with resin formed a “labyrinth structure” corrosion path in the coating. Furthermore, the conductivity of GO decreased after the insertion of functional groups. The results demonstrated that the composite with a 0.5 wt.% content of MGO presented remarkably improved corrosion resistance with a protection efficiency of 99.7%.

The study has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 150, January 2021.

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