Water-borne coatings in the focus of the November issue

Switching over to water-based formulations has proved to be no easy task and has now been preoccupying us for decades. Water-borne coatings are also in the focus of the November issue.

Water-borne coatings in the focus of the November issue. Quelle: EpicStockMedia-Fotolia -

Although a great deal has been achieved, there are still various applications in which solvent-borne coatings perform better – often, for example, where speed counts. However, our latest focus paper on page 18 shows that this hurdle too can be overcome. Its authors present a new double crosslinking system for radiation-curable furniture coatings that takes the speed of water-borne UV-curable coatings to a new level. If you would like to learn more about this topic, you should tune into European Coatings Live on 21 November when the authors will be presenting further data on their paper in our live webcast

Water-borne coating systems are continuing to make successful inroads despite all the obstacles. As our market report on page 12 shows, this progress is no longer only due to regulations. Customers, too, are increasingly becoming environmentally aware.

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