Venator and Grolman: Co-operation in Spain and Portugal

Venator and Grolman Group announce a co-operation for ultramarine and manganese violet pigments in Spain and Portugal.

Blue pigments in a glass tray.

Both companies have a long standing relationship covering several other European countries and the expansion of the current business model ist supposed to extend the customer reach.

Venator is a supplier for ultramarine blue, violet and pink as well as manganese violet pigments. Over 130 years of manufacture has enabled the company a reputation as leader in ultramarine technology in a wide variety of end applications.

Technical expertise in the pigment sector

The Grolman Group brings technical expertise in the pigment sector and has especially been involved in the ultramarine and manganese violet pigments business for decades. The Grolman Group is run by the fifth generation of the Grolman family since it was established in 1855.

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