“UV curing technology: driving growth in all key regions “

IGM Resins started building a new production facility for photoinitiators in Anqing, China. In our exclusive Interview Andrew Chambers, Vice President Photoinitiators of IGM Resins explains why the company chose this spot and how he sees the current photoinitiator market.

Andrew Chambers
Andrew Chambers -

What are the parameters of the expansion of the company and why have you chosen to build the greenfield site in Anqing, China?

Andrew Chambers: We have committed in excess of EUR 50 million for completion of the new, state of the art, photoinitiator production site in Anqing to build out a finished product capacity in excess of 10,000 metric tons. The site will benefit from backward integration into key raw materials which will ultimately result in safer operations, an improved environmental footprint and improved quality control. Anqing High Tech Industrial Development Zone was chosen for its highly developed environmental control, support facilities, location, and as a safe, national level chemical park. 

Where do you expect increasing demand for photoinitiators?

Chambers: The performance and environmental benefits from UV curing technology are driving growth in all key regions and a broad cross section of end markets.  We are experiencing strong growth in photoinitiators for inks and coatings in the safe packaging of food and pharmaceutical products, the digital (inkjet) market and the exciting developments in electronics and display markets.  Across all sectors, the emergence of LED lamp curing technology is a key driver requiring novel photoinitiators to ensure effective curing.

Where do you see challenges for UV technology in the coatings industry?

Chambers: Environmental and toxicological product safety are challenges for the industry which we are working hard to overcome to ensure the long-term viability of UV curing markets. The superior performance benefits and green credentials of UV curable coating technologies are well documented. Essential to its adoption in new markets are Photoinitiators that ensure that inks and coatings cure, effectively and safely.

The interview was conducted by Damir Gagro

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