Songwon opens technical service coating lab in South Korea

Songwon, a manufacturer of polymer stabilisers, starts a new technical service coating lab at its manufacturing facility in Maeam, South Korea.

A person on a facade access system paints the outer facade of a building.
With the start-up of its technical service coating lab at its manufacturing facility in South Korea -

The company now has all the necessary devices, tools and stations for both powder and liquid coating applications. Located next to Songwon’s R&D headquarters and global application community, means that the organisation can take advantage of the innovation synergy. With several newly added weathering devices, Songwon is equipped to support customers develop and find solutions to formulation issues relating to UV and temperature stabilisation, as well as UV curing.

Solutions to stabilisation challenges

Songwon’s new technical service laboratory tests the new molecules the R&D team is developing and screens their performances based on the different binders and formulation types that the customers in specific industries are using. Songwon also has a team of chemists and technicians dedicated to finding solutions to stabilisation challenges.

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