Remmers puts new automatic painting machine into operation

Remmers has put into operation the Ceetec A250, which is suitable for many applications in wood coating.

The Ceetec A250 can be used to coat profiled wood
The Ceetec A250 can be used to coat profiled wood -

The new automatic painting machine from the Danish manufacturer Ceetec A/S complements the extensive machine park in the Wood Surface Competence Centre of the Remmers Holzfarben und Lacke unit at the company’s headquarters in Löningen, Lower Saxony. The medium-sized company wants to use the machine to accelerate its efforts in research and development – both for its own products and on behalf of customers.

The new machine was recently installed by the company Martin Bruhn Holzveredelungstechnik from Süderbrarup in Schleswig-Holstein. With their mobile demonstration service, Remmers product systems can be tested directly on site. The new model series was jointly developed by Ceetec and Remmers. It is a throughfeed or painting machine for profiled timber, solid wood flooring and timber components with a maximum cross-section of 250 x 380 mm (HxW) at a capacity of up to 2500 m per hour. The cleaning and set-up times as well as the material consumption have been optimised in the further developed models.

Eight rotating brushes can be individually adjusted

“We have had the Ceetec A250 set up especially for larger craft businesses and the medium-sized timber industry. It is usually operated manually, but can also be integrated into a production line,” explains Elmar Kaiser, Head of RTS Remmers Technik Service Handwerk in the Holzfarben und Lacke unit.

The painting machine ensures a high-quality finish on all four sides simultaneously. Its eight rotating brushes can be individually adjusted and adapted to the respective customer requirements. “Our business partners can carry out various tests here in the technical centre under real conditions without having to purchase the equipment themselves,” says Kaiser. “With this range of services, Ceetec and Remmers want to expand the relationship with our customers even further”.

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