Radiation Curing: Expanding out of the niche

Some people say that radiation curing is only a niche technology. A look at the numbers shows that they are right – for the moment. Yet, radiation curing is becoming more and more important every day. The newly-released May issue of the European Coatings Journal also focuses on UV-curing.

Radiation curing is the focus topic of the May issue of the ECJ. Source: billyhoiler - Fotolia.com -

The main drivers behind the technology are its high throughput and environmental concerns relating to the ubiquity of VOCs. The technology is not perfect, though, as radiation-cured printing inks can cause problems with paper recycling, for instance. How these can be addressed is revealed in our expert voices interview.

Like every other coatings technology, radiation-cured systems have to deliver a smooth, uniform surface. The technical article by Juliane Fichtner from Fraunhofer FEP discusses how electron-beam-cured coatings can produce the desired surface finish.

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Do you prefer reading digitally? Of course, ECJ is also available as an E-Journal, which can also be accessed in our data bank European Coatings 360°.

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