Nanogate reorganises entire group

Nanogate SE is launching its new Nanogate Excellence International (NXI) program for the future. Its target is to increase sales to more than EUR 500 million and achieve EBITDA of EUR 75 million by the year 2025.

Nanogate SE intends to restructure its company. Source: Alexey Rozhanovsky – -

As part of the Group restructuring, the group will be completely reorganised. The goal is to further improve cooperation within the international group and take advantage of existing synergies at all levels. This will allow Nanogate to reduce its complexity and boost its productivity. In the future, market development will be carried out in a location-independent, clearly sector-based, and internationally networked manner. Existing capacities will also be reassessed, discontinued or relocated in favor of projects with stronger margins, not least of all in order to meet the requirements of major new orders as effectively as possible.

Expansion of Page 2/3 central procurement and purchasing processes

At the same time, central divisions such as Finance and Controlling will be significantly expanded in order to manage the group more effectively. Nanogate also expects further important future potential in the significant expansion of Page 2/3 central procurement and purchasing processes. As part of the reorganisation, Nanogate will use mergers to reduce the number of its subsidiaries, and will establish cross-locational management structures and high-performance shared services. Nanogate will also significantly enhance its brand and market presence under the “ONE Nanogate” principle. The goal is to position the group as a leading, fully integrated and globally active technology group.

Accelaration of international market development

In this context, the individual companies will also be focused under the Nanogate brand rather than their current names in the future. Nanogate wants to grow under its own steam to a greater extent in the coming years and benefit from the newly-launched innovation drive and its expanded technology expertise. At the same time, international market development is to be accelerated and there is to be a greater focus on Asian markets in addition to North America. No major M&A projects are planned at present. Takeovers and investments to enhance the technology portfolio will continue to be selectively examined.

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