Kemi-Intressen is now known as Nordmann Nordic

As of now, the Swedish Nordmann subsidiary Kemi-Intressen AB is operating under its new name Nordmann Nordic AB.

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The Swedish company Kemi-Intressen now operates under the name Nordmann Nordic. Source: Stocksnapper – -

The internationally operating chemical distribution company had already introduced the uniform Nordmann brand for all its 26 locations in March this year as part of its repositioning. With the change of name, the next step now follows. The new name makes it even clearer that Nordmann Nordic AB is part of Nordmann and at the same time highlights the growth-oriented goals in the Nordic region. Flexibility, local responsibility and all contact partners remain unchanged. 

About Nordmann Nordic

Kemi-Intressen AB was founded in 1944 in Solna, Sweden. In 2005, Nordmann acquired the  company from Eka Chemicals. As a distributor of chemical raw materials and specialties, Nordmann Nordic supplies specialty chemicals for personal care, health care, food, coatings, construction, plastics, rubber and electronics.  With its headquarters in Solna, Nordmann Nordic AB is active in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland and the Baltic Countries. Further locations are Malmö and Helsinki, Finland. Nordmann Nordic has 20 employees and achieved €25 million in turnover in 2018.

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