July/August issue of the European Coatings Journal is out

How nice is it to walk on wooden floors or look at buildings made of wood: It all feels so natural and homey. This is only one of the reasons for the ongoing popularity of furniture, flooring and construction made of this material. Wood coatings are also in the focus of the July issue of the ECJ.

Wood coatings are in the focus of the July issue of the European Coatings Journal. Source: toiwoody-Fotolia -

Increased durability and improved appearance are the major benefits that wood coatings can impart to wooden surfaces. However, by far the largest share of wood coatings worldwide is solvent-based (see our market report on page 20). So there’s still a lot of room for developing more sustainable systems.

Nina Musche and her co-authors from Lubrizol Advanced Materials present a novel water-borne self-crosslinking polyurethane dispersion for wood coatings (article on page 24) that shows good hydrolytic stability, heat and UV resistance and mechanical properties. The author will present the new development in more detail at our monthly web event European Coatings Live on 25 July at 15.00 CET. Registration is free of charge.

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