Freeman Technology opens office in Japan

Powder characterisation specialists, Freeman Technology, continues to expand their global presence with the establishment of an operation in Japan.

Freeman Technology opens office in Japan. Source: Freeman Technology -

“Japan has always been an important market for Freeman Technology. Establishing our own direct operation there reflects the growth we have seen over the last decade, and our continued commitment to our customers” said Tim Freeman, Managing Director.

About Freeman Technology

Freeman Technology was founded in the UK in 1989 as a developer of automated testing systems for materials characterisation, and has focused exclusively on powders since the late 1990s. The company invests in R&D and applications development, to provide expertise to support its range of products. With over a decade of experience in powder flow and powder characterisation, expert teams assist users around the world to address their individual powder challenges, focusing on delivering relevant information for their processes.

Real-time flow measurement

The company’s solutions include the “FT4 Powder Rheometer”, a comprehensive powder tester, which uses patented dynamic methodology, automated shear cells (in accordance with ASTM D7891) and a series of bulk property tests to quantify powder behaviour in terms of flow and processability. This is complemented by the new Uniaxial Powder Tester, which provides repeatable measure of the uniaxial unconfined yield strength (uUYS) of a powder to assess and rank flowability. The company also offers in-line, real-time flow measurement capabilities via an exclusive partnership with Lenterra Inc, manufacturers of optical flow sensor technology.

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