DSM launches collaboration with Vepa

Royal DSM has launched a collaboration with Vepa. The aim of this collaboration is to demonstrate the value of powder coating technology as an operationally convenient and sustainable alternative to solvent-based liquid coating technology for heat-sensitive substrates.

DSM and Vepa have signed a collaboration. Source: ronstik – stock.adobe.com. -

Initially, Vepa will produce one furniture product line with DSM’s proprietary powder coating technology, which will be commercially available by August 2018. A second product line will be launched by the end of 2018.

Like many other furniture manufacturers and designers across the world, Vepa is looking to leverage powder coating technology to gain a competitive advantage, since this technology has been shown to improve the operational efficiency of coating application, the total environmental impact of the manufacturing process, and the aesthetic qualities of the final product.

In this way, Vepa will lower operational costs, increase end-product value and have a mechanism for meaningful differentiation. At a more immediate level, Vepa’s decision to apply powder coating technology was driven by the successful experience of Kempa, a Belgian manufacturing company that supplies powder coated furniture panels.

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