Circular economy: Coatings and recycling

The European Coatings Show Conference 2021 will open its digital doors in a couple of weeks. As a special highlight the EU DECOAT project will present how coatings will play their part in a world were recycling will be more important.

Recycling circular economy
On way towards a circular economy recycling will become a more important topic for the coatings industry. Image source: F-Work -

Recycling and circular economy are integral parts of most sustainable future programs of governments, regulative bodies and NGOs. Of course this has significant implications for the coatings industry, since many materials that are to be recycled are coated. But how can one combine the need for long lasting coatings integrity and the need to break down the coating fast and reliable after it is no longer needed?

At this year’s digital European Coatings Show Conference a complete session will present the findings of the EU funded DECOAT project that has done extensive research on exactly this question. The multinational research collaboration worked on new ways to enable circular use of textiles and plastic parts with multilayer coatings, which are typically not recyclable yet.

The conference also has many other sessions to offer. In 100 lectures on topics like water-borne coatings, protective coatings, digitisation, bio-based coatings and many latest innovations will be presented. All details can be found in the conference programme.

Registration is open and available at the conference’s website.

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