CHT Group acquires provider for silicone emulsions and elastomers in America

CHT Group, a leading silicone specialities supplier in Europe, has acquired a leading solutions provider for high performance silicone emulsions and silicone elastomer applications in America.

The CHT Group’s headquarters is located in Tübingen -

With the acquisition of ICM Silicones Group, headquartered in Cassopolis, Michigan, CHT Group wants to position itself as a leading silicone specialities supplier globally.

Five separate operating subsidiaries

ICM Silicones Group is ICM Silicones Group consist of five separate operating subsidiaries: ICM Products Inc. in Cassopolis, Michigan; QSi LLC in Richmond, Virginia; ACC Silicones Ltd. in Bridgwater, UK; Treco Srl in Milan, Italy and ACC Silicones in Tianjin, China. ICM Silicones Group greatly expands CHT’s geographic reach in the US market and strengthens its already strong presence in the silicone specialities business.

Current silicone business doubled

Dr. Frank Naumann, CEO of CHT Group said, “The acquisition doubles our current silicone business and positions us as a leading silicone specialities supplier globally. We look forward to continuing the strong business development by building on the combined strength of technical innovation and customer service both companies offer. Furthermore, this transaction brings CHT Group back to the ever important US market.”

About ICM Silicones Group

The ICM Silicones Group consists of three specialist silicone compounders, ICM Products, Quantum Silicones, and ACC Silicones, with locations in the United States, United Kingdom, Italy and China. Expertise extends to emulsions, antifoams, micro beads, gums, gels, fluids, adhesives, potting compounds and encapsulants, elastomers and thermal interface materials. The group is focused on supplying these products to the aerospace, automotive, electronics, LED, renewable energy, molding, food and chemical processing, personal care industries.

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