Chemlogis and Sanitized announce new strategic sales partnership

Chemlogis will market the Sanitized antimicrobial additives for hygiene functions and material protection for polymers in Mexico.

A handshake with an economic background.

The antimicrobial additives for polymers from Sanitized protect end products from bacterial infestation, growth of algae and mildew, material degradation, biofilms, pink stain, and odors caused by microbes. The Polymer industry uses the antimicrobial additives in flooring, industrial coatings, artificial leather, roof membranes, pool liners, tarpaulins, and all extruded products.

“Excited to partner with Sanitized”

“Everyone at Chemlogis is very excited to partner with Sanitized for the sale of their antimicrobial products to the polymer processors in Mexico. Together we bring a highly focused approach to customer´s needs in terms of technology service and products” says Chemlogis’ CEO Ing. León Freiman K.

“The technical competence and the strong customer focus impress me about Chemlogis”, says Michael Lüthi, Head of BU Polymer at Sanitized.

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