Titanium dioxide proposed to be classified as suspected of causing cancer when inhaled

ECHA’s Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) concluded that the available scientific evidence meets the criteria in the CLP Regulation to classify titanium-dioxide as a substance suspected of causing cancer through the inhalation route.

With 57% of the volume the paint and coatings industry is the largest consumer of titanium dioxide.Source: Syda Productions/Fotolia.com -

The opinion will be formally adopted later by written procedure or at the September meeting. The committee assessed the carcinogenic potential of titanium dioxide against the criteria in the Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) Regulation and, having considered the available scientific data, concluded that it meets the criteria to be classified as suspected of causing cancer (category 2, through the inhalation route).

The committee also concluded that there was insufficient evidence to classify titanium dioxide in the more severe category for carcinogenicity (category 1B) as was originally proposed by the dossier submitter, France. This more severe category refers to a substance which is presumed to cause cancer.

Following adoption, the opinion will go through a normal editorial check before it is sent to the European Commission for final decision making. The opinion will also be made available on ECHA’s website at the same time.

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