Teknos continues Asia expansion

Teknos Group Oy ha announced the opening of its new “Commercial and Competence Centre” with a technical application laboratory, training, and warehouse facilities in Dong Nai Province, Vietnam.

The flag of Vietnam on one hand with the thumb up as a symbolic image.
The waterborne and UV products will be imported from Malaysia Image source: Kurious - Pixabay (symbol image).

Vietnam is an important growth market for Teknos. According to the company, it is now able to provide local services, from sampling and pre-line trial testing, to training, colour matching and optmised logistical services, significantly reducing lead times and ability to provide fit for purpose logistical support.

Access to a wide range of products

This will also mean that the customers in Vietnam will have access to a wide range of products from the Teknos portfolio. The waterborne and UV products will be imported from Malaysia, the nearest Teknos production site in the region. As the company points out, accessibility to additional products is now guarantueed and can come from factories in Finland, Germany, Denmark or China.

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