Songwon enters exclusive partnership with Krahn Italia for Coatings

Songwon Industrial has entered a distribution partnership with Krahn Italia for its Business Unit Coatings.

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Under the partnership agreement, Krahn Italia becomes the exclusive distributor for Songwon’s Business Unit Coatings range of antioxidants, UV absorbers and HALS products in Italy as of July 1st, 2023 in the Liquid Coatings market. By selecting Krahn Italia as its exclusive distributor, Songwom seeks to further enhance its position in Italy, which is one of the key regions in Europe for the Coatings industry.

Sales and distribution partner

Based in Milan, Krahn Italia specialises in the marketing and distribution of specialty chemicals. A sales and distribution partner to leading international chemical manufacturers for more than 100 years, Krahn Italia offers its partners an extensive product range, comprehensive technical services as well as in-house laboratory support. “We are delighted to be chosen to represent Songwon in the Italian market. This partnership presents a great opportunity for both companies to actively collaborate and grow, not only our businesses but also to add value for our customers in Italy as well,” says Enrico Bozzi, Managing Director of Krahn Italia.

Reading tip

The EC Tech Report Light Stabilizers for Coatings gives you an extensive overview on how paint finishes can efficiently be stabilised and protected. The authors illustrate the underlying principles of paint degradation clearly and highlight the functions and possible applications of common light stabilizers with the help of numerous practical examples.

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