Inkmaker Group rebrands as IM Group

Inkmaker Group has announced that it will henceforth operate under the name IM Group.

With the restructure of IM Group’s brands Image source: IM Group.

Christophe Rizzo, CEO EMEA/Americas od the IM Group explains: “Since October 2019, Inkmaker has made significant investments, on the acquisitions of the businesses of Rexson and Valtech, in UK; Tecnopails, in Italy; and most recently Swesa, in Germany. The driving strategy behind these acquisitions was to create a reliable complete supply chain—serving predominantly, but not only, the ink, paint and coatings industry—to sustain our core businesses.”

Various specialties

This meant restructuring the group’s brands into various specialities. Hence it was regarded important to rebrand the existing Inkmaker Group brand in order to have an identity of its own, as an autonomous holding brand positioned as a “Total Solutions Provider”. As Rizzo highlighted, “this is the evolution of Inkmaker Group, which is essentially that of Inkmaker.”

With the restructure of IM Group’s brands, Inkmaker will focus on ink dispensing and software design; Rexson will be predominantly for paint as well as liquid ink, Vale-Tech will focus on narrow-web and paste-ink dispensing; Swesa mainly for; food, pharmaceutical, corrugated packaging, cosmetics and more; Teko will remain in POS Tinting and R&D Training and; Tecnopails for Filling Solutions.

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