IGM Resins acquires Litian

IGM Resins has announced the acquisition of Litian, a leading Chinese manufacturer of energy curing resins.

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With over 45 years of company history and 23 years’ experience in the energy curing market, Litian is currently the second-largest Chinese producer of UV acrylates with a high market share and strong reputation in Asia. Litian has 185 employees who are all based at the site in Rudong (Jiangsu, China). Litian offers a complete portfolio of (customisable) monomers and oligomers and has valuable capacities of polyether polyols (the key raw materials) for monomers. Litian can manufacture all products through a self-developed toluene-free process.

Presence in the Asian market

Litian’s extensive portfolio is intended to reinforce IGM Resins’ presence in all its strategic market segments, especially industrial coatings, printing & packaging, and electronics. Furthermore, the acquisition will give IGM Resins a global production footprint for resins with locations now in both Rudong (Jiangsu, China) and Charlotte (NC, USA). The acquisition also strengthens the company’s presence in the Asian market, diversifies its resins production globally, and strengths its solution provision across three product lines, through the combination of photoinitiators, energy curing resins, and additives.

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