Hempel opens its new Campus

Coatings company Hempel has opened its new campus, which features a newly constructed office building and an R&D facility. The campus is the new international headquarters for the Hempel Group.

According to Hempel Image source: Hempel.

The new Hempel Campus consists of offices, meeting rooms, laboratories and test facilities, equivalent to more than 26,000 m2 or over three and a half football pitches of space. Located just north of Copenhagen, Denmark, Hempel Campus is the daily workplace to over 350 Hempel employees.

Construction began in 2017

Construction of the new Campus began in 2017 and also includes an existing office building and test facility. Both are scheduled for modernisation and rebuilding during 2021. The entire Hempel Campus is expected to be finished in 2022 and has been designed by Årstidernes Arkitekter, now Sweco Architects.

According to the company, the new office building has been designed with a focus on sustainability and will be DGNB certified (German environmental label for sustainable architecture). Solar panels have been installed on the roof and more will follow later this year and in 2022. Combined, they are expected to produce 85,000 kWh of electricity per year.

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