Akzo Nobel invests in coatings application technology from Qlayers

Technology from Qlayers, which is opening up new possibilities in the application of industrial coatings, has prompted Akzo Nobel to acquire a stake in the startup.

The transaction will have a positive one-time impact on the profitability of Sika in the first half-year 2022. Image source: geralt - Pixabay (symbol image).

According to Akzo Nobel, Qlayers’ coating technology offers a fully automated solution that is safer, more consistent and faster than the manual coating processes used now in the industry. By eliminating overspray, it is regarded as a sustainable solution that saves costs.

“This collaboration with Qlayers is not only a strategic investment for AkzoNobel and our co-investor ECFG, it’s a win-win-win for us all,” says Menno van der Zalm, Global Director Innovation at Akzo Nobel.

Applying anti-corrosive coating systems

As Akzo Nobel tells, Qlayers’ technology has already been used by customers to successfully apply anti-corrosive coating systems on storage tanks, where the benefit of automated application has enhanced worker safety and delivered increased sustainability and process efficiency results.

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