Resource-saving paper finishing as an alternative to UV coating

Grönenbacher Lackfabrik has developed an environmentally friendly alternative to UV coating in paper finishing.

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The newly developed formulations can also be used in the food industry -

With its new water-borne and solvent-free product line, the Bavarian manufacturer Grönenbacher Lackfabrik, Gropper + Viandt GmbH, sets a new standard when it comes to water- and fat-repellent coatings that can even be used in the food industry. The innovations achieve values in water repellency and fat barrier properties that can often only be achieved by energy-intensive UV coatings. They can be applied both by rolling and spraying and are therefore a particularly energy-saving and above all low-emission alternative to UV coatings.

Water repellency and fat barrier effect

In the area of water repellency, the new formulations from Bad Grönenbach achieve very good Cobb values. The water-repellent “Water-Repellent-Paper-Finish” according to ISO 535:1991 Cobb-1800 achieves values of 70 g/m2 (at 2 µm layer thickness) in a single coat. In a two-layer application, the water absorption according to Cobb-1800 is reduced to approx. 40 g/m2. In combination with the “Barierre-Base-Coat” as primer, Cobb-1800 values of significantly less than 10 g/m2 are achieved. The grease and oil-repellent water-borne “Grease-Resistant-Paper-Finish” coating achieves KIT values of 5 in a single coat and even increases this to 12 in a double coat. Depending on the oil or grease qualities, resistances of more than 24 hours can be achieved.

Further information can be found on the Grönenbacher Lackfabrik Gropper + Viandt GmbH website.

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