Bio-based air-drying water-borne polyurea coatings

In a recently coducted work, bio-based air-drying water-borne polyurea dispersions (Bio-PUDs) containing alkyd intermediate as polyol and aniline trimer (AT) as chain extender were synthesised, characterised, and applied as an anticorrosion coating.

A laboratory.
Both polyols and amphiphilic ionic liquids showed a sufficient plasticising effect.  Image source: FreeProd - Fotolia (symbol image).

The glass transition temperature and the tensile strength of bio-based air-drying aqueous polyurea dispersions increased with the addition of alkyd intermediate and aniline trimer. In addition, the coating performance showed that the air-drying polyurea coating had a shorter tack-free time and higher coating hardness with the addition of alkyd intermediate and aniline trimer.

Improved coating properties

Furthermore, compared with Bio-PUDs-0 (without alkyd intermediate and AT), Bio-PUDs-1 (chain extenders without AT), and Bio-PUDs-3 (chain extenders with 10 % AT), Bio-PUDs-2 (chain extenders with 5 % AT) displayed low viscosity, balanced coating properties and excellent anticorrosive performance. Therefore, alkyd intermediate and aniline trimer can be applied to improve the coating properties and corrosion resistance of bio-based air-drying aqueous polyurea coatings.

The study has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 171, October 2022.

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