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Wednesday, 10 February 2016
Raw materials

All you need to know about current trends and developments in coatings technology: new coatings binder technologies, novel coatings additives, fillers and pigments.

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25 Jan 16
Supramolecular assembly for the synthesis of responsive polymers

Tremendous developments, ranging from new synthetic strategies, properties, and novel functional applications, have emerged in the field of stimuli-responsive polymeric materials.

20 Jan 16
New grinding resin lowers VOC content in pigment concentrates

A new grinding resin lowers the VOC content in pigment concentrates and coatings formulations.

19 Jan 16
Chemical vapour deposition of soluble copolymers with tuneable properties

Chemical vapour deposition (CVD) is a technique widely applied for the synthesis of thin and highly conformal polymer coatings.

18 Jan 16
Toughening of photo-curable polymer networks

Photo-curable resins based on multifunctional acrylate monomers are commonly applied as thin films (e.g. protective coatings, printing inks, etc.) and in recent years are also used for the fabrication of bulk objects such as dental fillings and 3D-printed parts.

15 Jan 16
Improving cardanol derived epoxy coatings

Commercial epoxidised cardanol, from cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL), is a biobased reactant with interesting aromatic structure.

PhD Yang.jpg
29 Dec 15
Bio-based polyurethanes for environment-friendly coating systems

Bio-based polyurethane (PU) coatings have been used extensively from last few decades and replaced petrochemical based coating due to their lower environmental impact, easy availability, low cost and biodegradability.

7 Dec 15
Smart corrosion sensing phenanthroline modified alkyd coatings

Results of a study revealed that phenanthroline modified alkyd resin can be used in coating formulations for the detection of corrosion.

24 Nov 15
New effect pigments enable warm colors with antique look for interiors

A gold that is elegant and unobtrusive and a bold reddish brown with the shine of metal: With "Firemist Velvet Gold" and "Firemist Velvet Russet", BASF has launched two new effect pigments.

13 Nov 15
Glossy exteriors can now breathe easy

With a new technology glossy exterior coatings are water repellent from the outside but permeable to water vapor from the inside.

474 item(s) for Raw materials
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