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Friday, 29 April 2016
Raw materials

All you need to know about current trends and developments in coatings technology: new coatings binder technologies, novel coatings additives, fillers and pigments.

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27 Apr 16
Everything about epoxy resins in a single book

The new book "Epoxy Resins" by Michael Dornbusch, Ulrich Christ and Rob Rasing is out now.

21 Apr 16
New generation multi-hollow opaque polymer pigments

Turkish researchers synthesised a new generation multi-hollow opaque polymer pigment by suspension polymerisation of "water-in-oil-in-water” emulsion method, where a methyl methacrylate and ethylene glycol dimethacrylate monomer mixture was used as oil phase.

12 Apr 16
Get in touch with low and zero VOC coatings!

Touch and catch the latest information for low VOC binder technologies – literally! With the new conference EC Technology Forum on "Low VOC coatings” you will have several opportunities to find out in small workshop groups how the diverse developments fulfill latest regulation demands.

21 Mar 16
For the first time BASF produces binders for interior paints based on mass balance process

For the first time ever BASF is producing dispersions for interior paints based on the mass balance approach.

4 Mar 16
Influence of atmospheric plasma spraying on the properties of TiO2 coatings

A paper reports the synthesis of nine TiO2 coatings onto Inconel alloy substrates by means of atmospheric plasma spray (APS).

03-01-RE-TEGO Dispers 747 W.jpg
25 Feb 16
Characterising UV-curable castor oil-based polyfunctional polyurethane acrylate

In a paper, UV-curable castor oil-based polyfunctional polyurethane acrylate (COME-PUA) was synthesised via photo-click chemistry and isocyanate polyurethane reaction.

23 Feb 16
Self-healing fluoropolymer brushes as highly polymer-repellent coatings

According to researchers from the Netherlands, the fouling of surfaces by organic polymers can be strongly reduced by applying a 75 nm covalently bound fluorinated polymer brush onto the surface.

17 Feb 16
Versatile as a Swiss army knife

Scientists have developed a novel polymer for coating materials, in order to prevent biofilms from forming on their surfaces.

16 Feb 16
Controlled release of a microencapsulated arduous active from coatings

Polymethylmethacrylate-based microcapsules containing the antimicrobial agent 2-n-octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one (OIT) decorated by an anchored polyelectrolyte brush consisting of an amphiphilic diblock copolymer of polymethylmethacrylate-block-poly(sodium methacrylate) type have been formulated via a coacervation technique.

484 item(s) for Raw materials
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