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Thursday, 26 November 2020


Automation in Coatings Production


published November 2019


ISBN: 9783748602590
Order no.: 21291
Price: 69,00 €

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While the automation of processes in many areas ensures higher efficiency and safety, the question arises how this affects the coatings industry. This eBook shows what is already automatable and how the coatings industry can learn from other branches of industry to help make the working days more efficient and future-ready.
Peter van den Berg and his team have already embraced this aspect of automation by using not only a 3D printer to make disposable applicators but also a robotic interface to automate the inspection process in the paint production and so substantially reduce its carbon footprint.
Klaus West examines whether digitization and simultaneous automation in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries jeopardize jobs, how these are changing and what skills we will need to acquire today to safeguard future careers.
All in all, this eBook is a compilation of different, trend-setting articles regarding e. g. the important role of planning in the development of new paint-making systems, a consistent product quality in a fully automated, continous coating production or process adjustments in dispersing pigments and fillers.

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