Metallic Effect Pigments

by Peter Wißling et al.
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Pages: 234
ISBN: 9783878701712
Publication date: 2006
Version: 1
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Metallic effect pigments are becoming increasingly important in many different areas of application. Whether for kitchen furniture, clothing or food colourings - the everyday uses of metallic effect pigments are gaining more and more in importance. This book gives a comprehensive overview of metallic effect pigments. Starting with manufacturing processes through properties to areas of application, the individual chapters offer condensed specialist knowledge. The importance of metallic effect pigments, their wide range of applications and related specifications as well as their development potential are elucidated. The content is aimed at a broad audience. The fundamentals and applications of metallic effect pigments presented here will provide, on the one hand, basic knowledge to students and laymen with a technical interest and, on the other hand, enable qualified personnel to deepen their knowledge on individual topics.


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