EC Tech Report Water-borne Protective Coatings

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Despite the times of crisis that we live in, the world market for corrosion protection coatings is still growing and water-borne corrosion protection coatings are rapidly evolving. This EC Tech Report presents the most important innovations that have taken place in water-borne corrosion protection coatings over the last two years. Learn more about how corrosion protection is improved with the aid of nanostructured and phosphatised water-borne binders, find out how compliance with stricter regulations can be combined with improved concrete sealing by using latex binders that have a low VOC content and gain insights into a into a new class of liquid, modified polyamides that are used as a rheology additive to enable water-borne coating systems to adjust the flow behaviour of solvent-borne systems. In addition to these and further articles about the latest technical developments, the Tech Report is rounded off with valuable market insights and important fundamentals about water-borne protective coatings.


Format PDF plus additional downloads + videos
Year of publication 02.02.2023