PU coating solutions for direct food contact & cosmetic packaging applications [Sponsored]

Today’s more stringent requirements from regulatory authorities, voluntary commitments from companies to reduce the use of potentially harmful materials and intensified public discussion, have all resulted in a steady reduction in the options available for using crosslinking technologies for food and body contact. Here polyurethane systems come into play. Their outstanding resistance to most chemicals, also under heat treatment, combined with the superior flexibility allows for a wide range of applications. The newly developed VESTAGON® EP-B 1190 curing agent for PU powder coatings combines all the stability and regulatory requirements of the food industry and provides a BPA-NI (non-intended BPA) coating solution that end consumers demand on the basis of a solvent-free powder coating process. In scope of this webinar recording we will give an overview about the latest PU liquid and PU powder-based coating solutions for the food packaging and cosmetic industries. We will demonstrate how the handling and performance attributes of PU crosslinkers can provide safe and high-performance solutions for developing more eco-friendly can coatings.

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