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General questions/Registration

what is Ec 360°?

EC 360° is your extensive knowledge base, providing access to all digital contents of European Coatings: the complete issues of EC Journal since 2013, all technical books from European Coatings Library as well as conference proceedings and videos are available here. Do your research within the world of coatings expertise in a convenient and efficient way, and find exactly the information you need for your daily work. Moreover, stay up to date: We will constantly update and extend EC 360° for you, adding new contents.

I have forgotten my password. how do i reset it?

If you have forgotten your password, please use the reset function by entering your e-mail. After that, you will instantly receive your new password via e-mail.

i have forgotten my e-mail address, what can i do?

In case you have forgotten your e-mail address, please contact our support service. You may either call us on +49 511 9910-025, send an e-mail to 360@european-coatings.com, or use our contact form.

can i test ec 360° before ordering my license?

Yes, you can register for a one month free trial online and test our knowledge base first, including all contents from our journals, books, videos, and presentations.

what happens at the end of my trial period?

You can try out our platform at no risk: after the 1-month trial period has expired, your account will automatically be deactivated. You do not need to cancel. If you wish to become a regular user and continue using EC 360° after the free trial period, simply upgrade your license in your account settings.

What are the system requirements for using EC 360°?

In order to make the best possible use of all features, we recommend you to use up from Internet Explorer 11 or Chrome and Firefox in their latest versions.

How can i register as user for EC 360°?

Simply register online. Apart from the regular license for EC 360°, you can also opt for the “EC 360° + Print” option, including all printed issues of EC Journal being delivered to your address on a monthly basis. Then, please fill in all mandatory fields of the registration form and click on the link in the confirmation e-mail, which we will directly send you afterwards. After this, you have immediate access to all contents of the knowledge base.

Usage and function

is it possible to access the issues of ec journal even if i am not online?

Yes, as a subscriber of EC 360° you have free access to all digital issues of the European Coatings Journal via the European Coatings Tech Shelf app. Via the app you can download any issue on your mobile device and read it anytime, anywhere – even when you are not online.

  • Download the European Coatings Tech Shelf app at your App Store or Google Play Store
  • Add your subscription no. at „settings“ (you can find your subscription no. on your anual invoice)

how can i make use of the contents?

You can read all contents online conveniently: either directly on the website in HTML format or in the PDF reader. There is furthermore an ePub reader available for books, allowing you to search and navigate conveniently. All videos can be played via an integrated player.

how does the search work?

As a basic principle, you are always searching within the category of contents you have selected.

For example:

  • Search on the homepage: All journals, books, videos, and proceedings are being searched
  • Search in the category of journals: The contents of journals are being searched exclusively
  • If you enter several search words, all of them have to appear in the search result. For example: If you search for "water-based varnishes", the results must include both the word "water-based" and the word "varnishes". The system is searching for the exact terms you have entered – therefore, please make sure to use the correct spelling and/or also try alternative search terms and synonyms, if applicable.

How are the search results being sorted?

The search results are sorted according to the frequency of the term used within the respective document. If the term searched is mentioned in the title of the document, the document is considered to be twice as important. In the second step sorting is carried out according to the date of publication. Example for the sorting of results:

  • Hit: contains the search term 20 times, publication date: June 2016
  • Hit: contains the search term 20 times, publication date: January 2016
  • Hit: contains the search term 10 times, publication date: June 2016

how can i refine a search using operators?

You can specify your search in more detail by using the following parameters:

  • Search for phrases/search for several coherent search words using quotation marks (example: "This is a test"): Only search results are shown containing the exact expression.
  • OR or || (example: apple OR pear): All search results are shown containing at least one of the two terms.
  • NOT or ! (example: apple NOT pear): All search results are shown containing the first term but not the second one.
  • Wildcards: ? can be used to replace a single character, * can be used for several characters as an option. Neither ? nor * must be at the beginning of the word. (Example: tech* shows all search results for the terms beginning with "tech" (technology, technical, technician, etc.))
  • Groups put in parenthesis: If you use parenthesis in order to combine several search parameters with each other (example: apple NOT (orange OR lemon), all search results will be found containing the term "apple" but neither "orange" nor "lemon")

Contract and prices

What is the fee of a licence for EC 360°?

The current fee for the use of the knowledge base is 25,90 € a month per single licence – with this you can access all contents conveniently. The charges for a single licence including the printed version of EC Journal amount to 29,90 € a month. The prices do not include VAT and are billed annually.

We need access for several people in our company - is it possible to order multiple licenses at once?

Yes, we would also gladly install a group licence for you, enabling you to administer several users conveniently. For this purpose, just let us have a short message, informing us about the number of licences required.

Which methods of payment are available?

You may either pay your licence by invoice, by credit card or by direct debit. Billing is always for one year in advance.

What is the period of notice for my contract?

You can terminate your licence at any time – if you cancel before the end of the subscription year, any fees already paid will be refunded proportionately.

what are the next steps after ordering?

As soon as you have sent your registration, you will get an e-mail including a link. Please click this link in order to complete your registration. After that, you get immediate access to all contents of EC 360°. Please note that we will only activate the print function with a delay of 1 to 2 days.

Is it possible to change my user data subsquently?

Yes, it is. You may change the contact data entered at any time – for this purpose, please send us a short message with the changes requested, we will carry out them for you immediately. You can change your password online at any time yourself, by clicking on "My Profile" and then "Change Password".
Did not find any answer to your question? We are here to help: just contact us by phone at +49 511 9910-025, by e-mail to 360@european-coatings.com or via our contact form.
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