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1 JUNE 2022 | 15H (CET) | ONLINE

Particle Size of Titanium Dioxide Pigments in Dispersion and Powder Form

EC Short Course TiO2, Source: Valerii Dekhtiarenko -

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About the Short Course

TiO2 as white pigment exists since 1821 and was used from painting artists first. Since the 1870-ies the pigment could be produced in kg units and was used for special expensive coatings like battleships. In 1906 and 1907 the industrial sulfate process was invented, and the white pigment held entry into almost all parts of human life.
Most important property of the white pigment is scattering of light in the range of visible light and UV light absorption as protection for plastics products and coatings. For the scattering properties a particle size of 238 nm as constituent particle size is needed. Because of influence on color tone and gloss the particle size distribution (PSD) in application should be in the range of +/- 120 nm around the d50n of 238 nm. Excellent technological pigment products show a d10n of 130 nm and a d90n of 500 nm or an even smaller PSD. Therefore, correct particle size measurement is a central subject and quality checkpoint for TiO2 pigment industry business.
Unfortunately, TiO2 tends to agglomerate because of strong Van der Waals interaction especially in liquid dispersion and additionally because of large capillary forces in powder form. This short course will give scientifically based insight into particle sizing techniques and sample preparation for volume/mass based and number-based particle counting of TiO2 pigments in dispersion and in powder form, paying attention to the special properties like agglomeration behavior in dispersion and cohesive behavior in powder form.


Dr Thomas Koch

Manager Analytik Intelligence

Dr. Koch studied Physics at University Bayreuth and worked as assistant head of workgroup for Scanning Probe Microscopy and Nano structuring at the Institute of Nanotechnology (INT) at KIT, Karlsruhe, and member of the DFG Cluster of Excellence for Nano Technology at KIT. Then he specialized on particle technology (particle adhesion and particle mechanics) as postdoc at the Chair of Particle Technology (LFG) and Member of the DFG cluster of excellence for Applied Materials (EAM) at Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuernberg (FAU). From there he changed to KRONOS International Inc. to manage the group of particle analysis (Analytical Intelligence) of the department Research Services, heading the laboratories of Micro Analysis, Instrumental Analysis and Particle Metrology.
Currently he is member of ISO 256 Pigments and fillers and the corresponding DIN and CEN workgroups and member of the analytical task force of Titanium Dioxide Manufacturer Association (TDMA).

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Technicians, staff from R&D, application technology, quality management and technical marketing who need to quickly familiarise themselves with a new topic and get an instant overview.

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 3.00pm - 5.00pm

145€ EC Short Course
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