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14 OCT 2021 | 15H (CET) | Online (Sponsored)

Dow introduces a new bio-based binder for more sustainable architectural coatings 

EC Webinar Dow 15_10_21

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Dow introduces a new bio-based binder for more sustainable architectural coatings

Dow has developed a new experimental  bio-based binder to support the circular economy and meet the increasing demand from consumers for products based on renewables. Building on an impressive legacy of technological innovation to improve the sustainability and environmental profile of paints and coatings, this raw material  contains up to 35% of  bio-based carbon obtained from renewable feedstock.
Offering a superior LCA and environmental profile, this new technology still provides equivalent performance to the traditional acrylic or vinyl binders commonly used in many interior wall paint applications. The bio-based ingredients are sourced from grasses, plant stalks and seeds grown in existing farmlands.
This new technology from Dow addresses market demand for products that balance cost, performance and environmental impact, improving sustainability without compromising performance.



Paul Doll

Principal Scientist with Dow Coating Materials - The Dow Chemical Company

Paul Doll is responsible for developing leading edge market differentiated patentable technology for the global architectural coatings market. While simultaneously growing the specialty paint product pipeline, his interest in sustainability has lead him to be Subject Matter Expert on paint odor/emissions, indoor air quality, Green Building Standards, biobased polymers, and become a Life Cycle Assessment practitioner.

Paul joined Dow Coating Materials (then Rohm and Haas) in 2005 as Senior Scientist with their Digital Imaging Materials business where he commercialized and patented several products and technologies. He then became a group leader for the Coating Materials business where his research into paint emissions and indoor air quality secured intellectual property and many successful product launches, including low VOC paint that can actively lower the level of undesirable formaldehyde in an ambient room. Before joining Dow, he grew two different start- up companies as project manager and R&D Director. There he advanced the science of ink jet inks and anti-counterfeit features while launching dozens of commercially successful products.

Thru his deep technical expertise Paul has driven many new successful coating innovations into the market over the past 25+ years. Details about these leading-edge technologies can be found in his contributions to 2 reference books, over 60 technical papers, and well over a dozen global patents. Paul’s accolades include winning the Responsible Care and Shelby Thames awards. His passion for sustainability has led him to become a Life Cycle Assessment Practitioner working on low carbon coating solutions as a Principal Scientist at Dow Coating Materials.


Join us on 14 October 2021, at 15.00 (CET) to discover how Dow is improving the sustainability of architectural coatings without comprising performance through its new bio-based binder technology.

With growing demand from consumers to offer products produced from renewable raw materials, Dow is leading the way in the development of new bio-based coatings technology for architectural interior paints. The new binder contains approx. 35% of bio-based carbon, ethically sourced from renewable feedstock. Our team will demonstrate the environmental and sustainability benefits of this new technology, compared to conventional waterbased acrylic or vinyl binders used in interior paint formulations.

The webinar will showcase the bio-based binder performance compared to other commercial emulsions using conventional technology. Data will be presented of an experimental acrylic emulsion polymer based on bio-renewable feedstock that is traceable via Carbon-14. This technology contributes to coatings with exceptional performance, high relative value, and excellent sustainability credentials.

In addition, Life Cycle Inventory Assessment data of these polymers will be presented in comparison to industry benchmarks. For further information on Dow Coating Materials please visit

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Bettina Hoffmann

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