FAQ about European Coatings Show

How can I register?

Registration is available at here.

What payment options do I have?

You can choose between credit card payment or PayPal. Unfortunately, payments by bank transfer are not possible.

Can I get a discount as a student?

Please send us a copy of the student ID (card) and a letter of enrolment as proof of status. You will receive the discount code afterwards.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the payment method and invoice?

How do I get my login details for the conference platform?

You will receive your login details via email one week before the event.

What platform is being used for the event?

We are using Let’s get digital for a smooth and enjoyable conference experience.

How can I attend?

You will need a stable internet connection, as well as a laptop or desktop with webcam and microphone to fully enjoy all features of the virtual conference.

Do I need to download any software to attend?

There is no software that needs to be downloaded or installed on your computer. The platform works with any common browser; however, we recommend Chrome for the best performance.

Which browser works best?

The platform works with any common browser; however, we recommend Chrome for the best performance.

How will the conference proceed?

All presentations will be pre-recorded and played according to the programme placement and will be available on demand.

Are the presentations being held live?

All presentations have been recorded prior to the event but will start at the scheduled time. You can always rewind, but never fast-forward a presentation.

Can I ask questions to the speakers?

All speakers are asked to attend their session, in order to answer your questions via the session chat.

Can I interact with other attendees, speakers or exhibitors?

You can use the chat function in the lobby, in the session rooms and 1:1 to get in touch with others. It is also possible to make video calls in the platform.

What is the matchmaking carousel?

The matchmaking function will help you to find other attendees with similar interests. Just add tags to your profile.

How can I edit my profile?

Go to “Attendees” in the main “Menu” and find your profile. Click on “Edit” and you can fill in as many information as you like.

What happens to the information I add to my profile?

The platform will be available online until 17 September 2021. After this date it will be taken offline and all the contact information, chats and profile pictures will be deleted. Your contact details however maybe used by us or our sponsors to contact you. For further information, please also see our privacy policy.

Can I exchange contact details with others?

Yes, you can exchange virtual business cards on the platform. Please ensure to download your contacts, before the platform will be taken offline.

Can my company become a sponsor?

Yes, please contact Anette Pennartz, Head of Sales.

Can I switch between sessions?

You can leave or enter a virtual conference room at any time. 

I missed a presentation; can I watch the recording?

All recordings will be available in the platform until 17 September 2021.

Where can I download the conference proceedings?

All delegates will receive a link by email to a separate website, where all documents of the conference are available for download.

How long will the platform be available online?

Until 17 September 2021.

Is there a smartphone app?

Yes, the app will be available in the app stores by September 1st, so you can complete your profile and compile your personal conference programme. You cannot attend any session via the app.

Can I attend with my mobile device?

Sorry, this is not possible.
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