The Coatings Summit 2022


Key Trends: The Future of the Coatings Industry

Michael McGarry, PPG, USA

The global coatings industry is facing challenges, some ongoing, others newly emerging. Markets and issues shift, regulations continue to tighten and expectations are growing. Michael McGarry, CEO of one of the world`s largest coatings manufacturers, will share his view of the future of his industry in an exclusive address to the Coatings Summit community, highlighting key trends that will affect all companies, large and small.


Leveraging Step Change Innovation for a Digital and Electric Future

Robert Byrant, Axalta, USA

As a global leader and innovator in the coatings industry, Axalta has accelerated its innovations and initiatives for the future.  In an increasingly interconnected world, the future will be digital and electrical.  The race is on from traditional to new business models, with wide-ranging implications for coatings companies. Axalta´s CEO, Robert W. Bryant, will present his vision for this new world and how his company intends to reap new benefits.


Glbal Giant: Asia's Weight in the World of Coatings

Yuichiro Wakatsuki, Nippon Japan

Coatings in Asia lead the world, and Nippon Paint is a globally outstanding company. Yuichiro Wakatsuki, Executive Officer, and also a Member of the Board of the Japanese Paint Makers Association, will share insights into the region, the role of his association and how his company will address the future both in and outside of Asia, in an exclusive key note address.


Coatings – More Than Paint: Digitalization, Sustainability and New Business Development

Uta Holzenkamp, BASF Coatings, Germany

As one of the top ten global players, it is unsurprising that BASF does not merely view itself as a paint manufacturer. Innovation goes beyond paint and by identifying global market trends and seeking solutions to future challenges, new opportunities open up. Driving sustainability along the whole value chain does not only play a crucial part in climate protection, it is also a key element for growth. Digitalization is more than efficient manufacturing: it can enhance the customer experience and create new business models. These are just two points that Uta Holzenkamp will touch upon when he shares his holistic view of business strategy and his motivation for driving surface solutions.


The Future is Ours to Create

Christophe Sabas, Beckers, France

In 2020, Beckers CEO Christophe Sabas launched Beckers Group’s ambitious 2030 Sustainability Strategy, with the goal to become the world’s most sustainable coatings company based on three pillars: Products, People and Operations. In this talk, Christophe will share how sustainability became a personal focus, leading him to ‘rethink everything’. Sustainability is a journey, he says, that is largely about changing mindsets, and as a leader that’s got to start with you. Only then can we hope to bring people with us - our teams, partners, customers, the industry. Without downplaying the seismic challenges ahead, Christophe remains a stubborn optimist, arguing that there is hope for the planet and that the future is ours to create. Focusing on actions, achievements, and aspirations around the People Pillar of the strategy, Christophe will address themes such as “The Great Resignation” in which, post-Covid, organisations are seeing large numbers choosing to leave their jobs, and how employee-centric transformation initiatives can help to reverse this exodus and pave the way for a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable future.


Double Impact: Details of a Growth Jorney

Michael Hansen, Hempel, Denmark

Recent acquisitions, for example in Australia and New Zealand, are just one part of the plan: Hempel Group has embarked on a growth journey called “Double Impact”. Strategic ambitions in this context cover decorative, marine, energy & infrastructure segments in defined world regions. By 2025, the acclaimed coatings manufacturer intends to have doubled its revenue. Michael Hansen will elaborate on this, sharing the vision, the strategy and the specifics of this plan.


Embracing a Multitute of Markets: A Diversified Success Story

Jeffrey Powell, Diamond Vogel, USA

Family-owned Diamond Vogel, Inc., headquartered in Iowa, boasts a history approaching a full century.  Surpassing customer expectations is enshrined in their mission.  Diamond Vogel, Inc. actively participates in multiple spaces within the consumer and industrial coatings market.  They produce a full range of architectural, industrial, wood and traffic coatings.  In addition, they provide toll manufacturing and aerosol packaging services.  Diamond Vogel takes diversification seriously and it has served the company well over the years.  Their CEO, Jeffrey J. Powell will share secrets of success and provide insights into the past, present, and future of this respected paint maker.


Rosy Future despite Doom and Gloom

Lionel Schlessinger, Monopol Colors, Switzerland

Is it still possible to look into a rosy future with buzzwords like disruption, industry 4.0, protectionism, de-industrialization, ageing, over-regulation and much more, or is pessimism the order of the day? Lionel Schlessinger has already experienced a number of crises with the company he took over from his father and still has to reinvent himself today with his factories in Switzerland and abroad. A report about ups and downs completely off the beaten track.


Leading in a VUCA world

Frank Sullivan, RPM, USA

The challenges that the coatings industry is facing are multifold, significant and, at times, daunting, as the speed and intensity of change around the world is increasing. Paints and coatings manufacturers have to adapt intelligently, and they have to identify and pursue strategies that actually work, securing the future of the company. Frank Sullivan will share insights and thoughts on fundamental issues ranging from sustainability and innovation to growth perspectives and acquisitions in promising markets, in the midst of the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous environment in which we all operate.


Collaboration Redefined: How Suppliers and Formulator will create Value together

Miguel Mantas, Allnex, USA

As a global leader in coatings raw materials, Allnex is a very major influencer of the relationship between suppliers and formulators. The interactions within the supply chain will become even more vital, as the challenges for the global coatings industry continue to evolve. What is the best path forward? How should the collaboration develop? How can value creation be optimized? Miguel Mantas will present his views in his key-note address.


Coatings in Africa: Turning Challenges into Advantages

Joao Luis Serrenho, CIN, Portugal

Doing business in Africa presents an intimidating set of challenges for coatings manufacturers, and not many European, Asian or U.S. companies have that continent featuring high on their agendas. CIN, though, the largest Iberian coatings producer, has a different view. Where others fear to tread – profits can be made, says João Serrenho, the CEO. His company serves about twenty national African markets and runs production sites in Angola and Mozambique, successfully. The presentation will elaborate on how a challenge can be turned into an advantage, with detailed examples.


How Paint Can Promote People Power to Provide Solutions to Social Problems

Johnson Ongking, Pacific Paints, Philippines

Our current industry paradigm of sustainability derives from the green chemistry perspective of creating the least environmental impact possible in our products and operations. Pacific Paint in the Philippines, which was awarded the Sustainable Company of the Year at the Global Responsible Business Leadership in 2018, is seeking to extend this definition from “do no harm” to “do your share” by creating coatings that can help address climate change and air pollution that empower everyone to play a role in being a solution to some of our most pressing environmental concerns today. Johnson Ongking will explain how this not only has the potential to create new markets for coatings but also enhance society’s perception of our industry.



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