European Coatings WebForum | Fire retardant coatings

Talk 1: Timber Constructions – a revolutionary environmentally conscious building component or a re-discovery of a millennia-long known and successfully used building material
Markus Wöhr, Sika Deutschland, Germany

A journey through the fundamentals of fire protection and the legislation, testing, function and use of the latest intumescent coating’s technologies for timber constructions.

Talk 2:  Protect the beauty of wood from fire - solutions for transparent fire protective wood coatings
Dr. Sebastian Moschel, Budenheim, Germany

Fire-retardant coatings must not only protect against fire, but also preserve the beauty of wood. Visually appealing and reliable fire protection of wood is possible with intumescent coatings but a challenging goal to achieve. When adding a flame-retardant additive to a clear varnish, the transparency is often reduced or insufficient. FR CROS® 686 is based on special phosphates and combines key properties, such as transparency, fire resistance, and mechanical resistance when used in a clear varnish on a decorative wood surface.

Talk 3: Flame retardation of wool textiles for application in transportation
Dr. Sabyasachi Gaan, Empa, Switzerland

Wool is commonly used in transportation as seat textiles and flooring because of its aesthetics and comfort. In addition, unlike cheaper thermoplastic fibers (polyester and polyamide) it is non melting and considered to be inherently flame retardant as it exhibits an LOI of around 25%. Though wool is considered flame retardant, it doesn’t meet fire performance criteria of railway and aviation industry and thus needs a suitable flame retardant treatment to meet the specifications. In this presentation we will discuss the various state of art commercial solutions and latest research in academia in flame retardation of wool textiles. We will also highlight some of our efforts to flame retard wool textiles.

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