The Coatings Summit 2021


Key Trends: The Future of the Coatings Industry

Michael McGarry, PPG, USA

The global coatings industry is facing challenges, some ongoing, others newly emerging. Markets and issues shift, regulations continue to tighten and expectations are growing. Michael McGarry, CEO of one of the world`s largest coatings manufacturers, will share his view of the future of his industry in an exclusive address to the Coatings Summit community, highlighting key trends that will affect all companies, large and small.


Paint the Future: Collaborative Innovation

Thierry Vanlancker, Akzo Nobel The Netherlands

Accelerating innovation in paints and coatings ranks highly in the aspirations and objectives of formulators and manufacturers. Akzo Nobel strongly shares this view, employing more than 3,000 scientists, managing open innovation with partners and investing in digital technology and application platforms. In particular, Akzo has introduced the “Paint the Future” global startup program. This highly acclaimed initiative has become a powerful driver for the company. In his presentation, Thierry Vanlancker will provide details, an assessment and the wider context of how to drive innovation. 


Designed to Last: Technology and Innovation

Tanaka Masaaki, Kansai Paint, Japan



Collaboration Redefined: How Suppliers and Formulator will create Value together

Miguel Mantas, Allnex, USA

As a global leader in coatings raw materials, Allnex is a very major influencer of the relationship between suppliers and formulators. The interactions within the supply chain will become even more vital, as the challenges for the global coatings industry continue to evolve. What is the best path forward? How should the collaboration develop? How can value creation be optimized? Miguel Mantas will present his views in his key-note address.


Going Green: Decorative and Industrial Coatings in China

Jun Ye, Bauhinia Coatings, The People's Republic of China



Rosy Future despite Doom and Gloom

Lionel Schlessinger, Monopol Coatings, Switzerland

Is it still possible to look into a rosy future with buzzwords like disruption, industry 4.0, protectionism, de-industrialization, ageing, over-regulation and much more, or is pessimism the order of the day? Lionel Schlessinger has already experienced a number of crises with the company he took over from his father and still has to reinvent himself today with his factories in Switzerland and abroad. A report about ups and downs completely off the beaten track. 


How Paint Can Promote People Power to Provide Solutions to Social Problems

Johnson Ongking, Pacific Paints, Philippines

Our current industry paradigm of sustainability derives from the green chemistry perspective of creating the least environmental impact possible in our products and operations. Pacific Paint in the Philippines, which was awarded the Sustainable Company of the Year at the Global Responsible Business Leadership in 2018, is seeking to extend this definition from “do no harm” to “do your share” by creating coatings that can help address climate change and air pollution that empower everyone to play a role in being a solution to some of our most pressing environmental concerns today. Johnson Ongking will explain how this not only has the potential to create new markets for coatings but also enhance society’s perception of our industry.


Strategies That Work: How to Succeed Tomorrow

Frank Sullivan, RPM, USA



Digitally Driven: Managing a Revolution

Dirk Bremm, BASF Coatings, Germany



Customer Driven: Managing a Superior Experience

Dan Calkins, Benjamin Moore, USA

Since its inception in 1883, Benjamin Moore has maintained a relentless commitment to innovation and sustainable manufacturing practices as a leading maker of premium quality residential and commercial coatings. A constant during its long history is Benjamin Moore’s commitment to the independent retailer. Benjamin Moore paints are available exclusively from 7,500 locally owned and operated paint, decorating and hardware retailers throughout the United States and Canada as well as 75 countries globally. Customers are at the core of Benjamin Moore. Dan Calkins will speak to the company’s unique proposition and industry leading approach during an evolving retail landscape.


Coatings in Africa: Turning Challenges into Advantages

Joao Serrenho, CIN, Portugal

Doing business in Africa presents an intimidating set of challenges for coatings manufacturers, and not many European, Asian or U.S. companies have that continent featuring high on their agendas. CIN, though, the largest Iberian coatings producer, has a different view. Where others fear to tread – profits can be made, says João Serrenho, the CEO. His company serves about twenty national African markets and runs production sites in Angola and Mozambique, successfully. The presentation will elaborate on how a challenge can be turned into an advantage, with detailed examples.


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