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Thursday, 01 October 2020

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Polyaniline-thiacalix[4]arene metallopolymer – self-doped, and externally doped conductive polymers Article
Toyochem develops ultra-high solids polyurethane adhesives Article
AC-DC-AC technique for the accelerated evaluation of anticorrosion performances Article
Highly efficient UV-Vis light activated three-component photoinitiators Article
Correlation between the physical structure of a an epoxy paint and its electrochemical impedance response Article
Different performance of biological adhesives produced by blue mussels Article
Corrosion inhibition of AA2024-T3 by smart polyelectrolyte coacervates Article
Functionalisation of amine-cured epoxy resins Article
Self-lubricating coatings via PDMS micro-gel dispersions Article
Liquid crystals to create colour changing coatings Article
Recovery dynamics of acrylic coating surfaces Article
Suppression on heat and smoke diffusion in flame retardant epoxy coatings Article
"Highly relevant for many applications and industries": Elisa Arikan wins Adhesion Innovation Award Article
Preparation of smart coatings with self-healing and anti-wear properties Article
UV-curable cellulose acetate butyrate-based oligomers and their electrospun fibrous mats Article
Rapid fabrication of robust and bright colloidal amorphous arrays on textiles Article
New study aims at the development of novel waterproof and breathable membranes Article
Distinctive structure for transparent icing protection surfaces Article
Corrosion resistance of hydrofluoric acid-treated Mg alloy stent after expansion Article
Enhancing weathering resistance of wood by using bark extractives Article
New fluorine-free self-healing anti-smudge coatings Article
Improved properties of coating binder from palm oil-based oleic acid Article
Rheology of high-aspect-ratio nanocarbons Article
Preparation of hybrid chitosan/silica composites Article
Curable hybrid materials for corrosion protection of steel Article
Thermal conservation instead of using biocides? Article
Potential of a marine bacterium extract Article
Computations of coating windows for reverse roll coating of liquid films Article
Preparation of epoxy/non-metallic conductive fillers nano-composites Article
Enhancing the anticorrosive performance of alkyd paints Article
Preparation of cationic fluorinated acrylate copolymer latex Article
Degradable polyurethane for marine antifouling applications Article
Cost-effective and material-saving: When Concrete learns to pre-stress itself Article
Leveling of a model paint film with a yield stress Article
Water-soluble green corrosion inhibitors of mild steel Article
Highly conductive and thermally stable nanoparticle-conjugated polymer compounds Article
Epoxy-based multilayered coating as efficient microwave absorbing materials Article
Stability assessment of iron oxide yellow pigment dispersions Article
Corrosion protection of Ti-6Al-4V by a composite coating Article
Copolymers with hydrolysis-generating zwitterions for antifouling coatings Article
A novel type of self-healing silicone elastomers Article
Stahl participates in research on biobased polymers Article
Protecting mobile phones: UV-curable hyperbranched polyurethane acrylate hard coatings Article
Bio-based water-borne polyurethanes reinforced with cellulose nanocrystals Article
Controlled surface modification of poly(methyl methacrylate) film Article
Durable ice-phobic material: Intrinsic self-healing organogels Article
Fabrication of UV-curable fluorosilicone coatings Article
Epoxy-based smart coating with self-repairing polyurea-formaldehyde microcapsules Article
Naphthyl-based acylphosphine oxide photoinitiators with high effiency and low migration Article
Hydrophobic functional molecules released from cotton fabrics Article
Facile fabrication of biomimetic superoleophobic composite coating Article
Facile fabrication of durable superamphiphobic PET fabrics Article
Novel anti-UV superhydrophobic material Article
New cooling materials: Inspiration from a fascinating beetle Article
Porous chitin-nanofibrous structure via layer-by-layer self-assembly Article
Antistatic properties of clearcoats by the use of special additives Article
Super-hydrophobic coatings on cotton fabrics using sol–gel technique by spray Article
Novel technology for faster photochromic face shields Article
High hardness and flame retardancy: Synthesis of a novel polysiloxane coating Article
Alternative cement: A recipe for eco-concrete Article
Flexible polyurethanes, renewable fuels, and flavorings from a microalgae oil waste stream Article
Design of robust superhydrophobic surfaces Article
Flexible polyurethanes, renewable fuels, and flavorings from a microalgae oil waste stream Article
A cue from nature to create bulletproof coatings Article
Novel high-performance anti-fog coating Article
Polyethylenimine-assisted exfoliation of h-BN in aqueous media Article
Water-borne coatings based on acrylic latex containing nanostructured ZnO as an active additive Article
A promising approach in the development of antibacterial textiles Article
Design of new phenothiazine derivatives as visible light photoinitiators Article
Intumescent coatings based on alkali-activated borosilicate inorganic polymers Article
Functionalised nanosilica as an antimicrobial additive for waterborne paints Article
Tunable surface chemistry and wettability of LDPE substrate Article
Effects of low-melting glass powder on the thermal stabilities of low infrared emissivity Al/polysiloxane coatings Article
Six-month study shows no biofilm formation on zwitterionic polyurethanes Article
Preparation of water-borne non-fluorinated anti-smudge surfaces and their applications Article
Molecular simulations and understanding of antifouling zwitterionic polymer brushes Article
Robust icephobic epoxy coating using maleic anhydride as a crosslinking agent Article
Silver nanoparticles as biocidal agent in polyurethane coating Article
Progress in biomimetic leverages for marine antifouling using nanocomposite coatings Article
Detailed study on the effect of exposure conditions on dirt pickup resistance for exterior paints Article
Powder Coating Institute awards 2020 scholarships Article
A novel slippery surface with enhanced stability and corrosion resistance Article
Performance properties of graphene oxide/water-borne polyurethane nanocoatings Article
Preparation of a biomimic superhydrophobic and anti-blood adhesion coating Article
Silicon dioxide coatings as protective materials for stone Article
Novel approach of developing sustainable cellulose coating for self-cleaning-healing fabric Article
Gallic acid-derived phosphorus-based flame-retardant multifunctional crosslinking agent for PU coating Article
Optimised silica-based hybrid coatings for the protection of aluminum Article
Transparent ZnO-coated polydimethylsiloxane-based material Article
Fouling-release properties of amphiphilic perfluoropolyether-zwitterion cross-linked polymer films Article
Effect of snap-off distance and squeegee speed on ink transfer mechanism Article
Effects of graphene on the corrosion evolution of epoxy zinc-containing coatings Article
A promising approach for controlled porosity osmotic pump tablets of Captopril Article
Promising approach in the development of antibacterial textiles Article
Superhydrophobic surfaces and their applications for drag reduction Article
Hot-glue gun to adhere injured human tissues Article
Phosphorus-containing polyurethane based polymeric dye with excellent flame retardancy Article
UCF scientists seek novel nanoparticle coating to kill COVID-19 Article
Atmospheric pressure plasma for adhesion improvement in polyurethane coating on polypropylene fabrics Article
Enhanced corrosion resistance and weathering resistance of waterborne epoxy coatings Article
Investigating propensity of roller spatter during application of water-based architectural paints Article
Abrasion resistance of polymer and polymer–ceramic composite coatings for steel hydraulic structures Article
Characterisation and evaluation of primer formulations for bonding silicone rubber to metal Article
Influence of clay platelet size on corrosion protection by clay nanocomposite thin films Article
Adsorption–desorption kinetics of silica coated on textile fabrics Article
Superhydrophobic surface modification of nanostructured textile surfaces Article
Fully organic coating system modified with epoxidised soybean oil Article
Electrical and mechanical properties of antistatic waterborne epoxy coating Article
Processing effects on the properties of hybrid sol-gel superhydrophobic coatings Article
Conversion of carbon dioxide: From greenhouse gas to a high-tech resource Article
Properties of water-dispersible polyisocyanates carrying sulfonate Article
Influence of radical photoinitiator content on UV curing process Article
Rational design of phosphorylated poly(vinyl alcohol) grafted polyaniline Article
Mussel-inspired hybrid network hydrogel Article
In-situ growth of ceria nanoparticles on graphene oxide nanoplatelets Article
Hydrophobicity modulation of glass and marble materials Article
Facile fabrication of durable superhydrophobic mesh Article
Effects of carbon materials on fire protection and smoke suppression Article
Active corrosion performance of magnesium by silane coatings reinforced with polyaniline/praseodymium Article
Boron- and phosphorus-containing precursors for flame-retardant epoxy coating Article
Superhydrophobic organic and inorganic clay nanocomposites for epoxy steel coatings Article
Graphene oxide- and reduced graphene oxide-based nanocomposites Article
Silicone protective materials with controlled self-healing and toughness properties Article
Synthesis of novel nano hyperbranched polymer resin Article
Synthesis and properties of nanorod-structured strontium hydroxystannate Article
Robust superamphiphobic aluminum surfaces Article
Fire-retardant coatings reinforced with layered double hydroxides Article
Facile modification of graphene oxide with lysine Article
Thermal characterisation of solvent-free epoxy coatings Article
Properties of ultra-high performance concrete with silica fume content Article
Anchoring phenyl groups to fluoropolyacrylate coatings Article
Development of a protective one coating systems for steel Article
Sticky proteins from sea mussels: biocompatible tissue for damaged heart muscles Article
Anti-corrosion property of zinc: Nanotubes vs nanoparticles Article
Optimised synthesis of highly reactive UV-curable hyperbranched polyester acrylates Article
Effects of added nanoclay for styrene-acrylic resin Article
Highly dispersed graphene oxide–zinc oxide nanohybrids in epoxy coating Article
Stimuli-responsive luminochromic polymers Article
Polymethylsilsesquioxane powder prepared by morphology-controlled growth Article
Mechanical properties and decohesion of sol–gel coatings Article
Near-IR sintering of conductive silver nanoparticle ink with in situ resistance measurement Article
Hydrogel coating to prevent ice formation in three different ways Article
Corrosion protection properties of functionalised graphene–acrylate coatings Article
Internal curing with superabsorbent polymers of different chemical structures Article
Impact of finite intervals in the measurement of the bidirectional reflectance distribution function Article
Investigation of wet clay adhesion to antistick coatings Article
Viscoelastic behavior of silicone/clay nanocomposite coatings Article
Effects of surface modification of cellulose nanocrystals on properties of soybean oil bio-nanocomposite Article
Liquid infused surface: An exceptional barrier to prohibit biofouling and biocorrosion Article
Water resistance and corrosion protection properties of water-borne polyurethane coating Article
Study on optimising the benefits of titanium dioxide in paints Article
Further studies of the hydration of MgO-hydromagnesite blends Article
Chemo-mechanical modification of an acrylic melamine coating to enhance its resistance Article
Electrically conductive multiwalled carbon nanotube/polyoxazoline nanocomposite films Article
Tunable electrochemical performance of polyaniline coating via facile ion exchanges Article
Graphene oxide to improve the strain hardening behavior of SHCC Article
Multilayer OLEDs with four slot die-coated layers Article
Discrete element method to predict the mechanical properties of pigmented coatings Article
Graphene and boron nitride nanoplatelets for improving vapor barrier properties Article
Epoxy adhesives containing recycled polymers and graphene oxide nanoflakes Article
Sustainable components for polyurethane coatings Article
Measuring and modeling hydration kinetics of well cements Article
Electrophoretically deposited graphene oxide–polymer bilayer coating on Cu-Ni alloy with enhanced corrosion resistance Article
Study on the concentration profiles in phase-separating photocuring coatings Article
UV-resistant and transparent hydrophobic surfaces by a facile dip-coating method Article
VIS-optical reflectometry: a method to investigate latex-based coatings Article
Effectiveness of non-Fickian diffusion model on the water uptake determination of organic coatings Article
Fabrication of transparent easy-clean coating formulations optimised from molecular dynamics simulation Article
Modern paint production: “As quickly and as much as possible with as little effort as possible” Article
Spherical titania and their influence on self-cleaning and anticorrosion properties of acrylic resin Article
Stimuli-responsive polyurethane-urea polymer for protective coating Article
Cyclodextrin-based functionalised graphene oxide as an effective corrosion inhibitor Article
Factors influencing the hydration kinetics of ye'elimite Article
Nanocoating prevents greasy smears Article
Green synthesis of soluble graphene by aqueous polyphenol extracts of Eucalyptus bark Article
Controlled fertiliser release via tunable poly(vinyl alcohol)/ammonium sulfate-coated nonwoven materials Article
A facile inorganic modifier of acrylic emulsions for fabricating hybrid films with least aggregation of silica nanoparticles Article
Silane coupling agent pretreatment and polycaprolactone coating for enhanced corrosion resistance for magnesium Article
Use of iodine for improving phase quantification using x-ray tomography Article
Student team from Lingen receives the 2019 Altana Special Prize in chemistry for its sustainable business Idea Article
Investigation of butyl acrylate grafting using model alkyds Article
Self-cleaning abilities of superhydrophobic coatings using silica nanoparticles Article
Preparation and hydrophobicity improvement of fluorinated poly (styrene-acrylate) / ferrocene composites Article
Reversible superglues inspired by snail epiphragm Article
Effect of tetraaniline nanofiber on the anticorrosion performance of waterborne epoxy coating Article
A desert ant as inspiration for a paint-like material that could keep buildings cool Article
Researchers create uniform-shape polymer nanocrystals Article
Hydrothermal synthesis and application of adsorbent coating for adsorption chillers Article
The role of aluminium in C-A-S-H during sulfate attack on concrete Article
New coating could have big implications for lithium batteries Article
New surface treatment could improve refrigeration efficiency Article
Plasmon-induced nitroxide-mediated polymerisation: a method for preparation of functional surfaces Article
Recent study examines chemistry from 3D printed objects Article
Thioxanthone-functionalised 1,6-heptadiene as monomeric photoinitiator Article
Call for applications for the Anton Paar research prize 2019 Article
Smallest pixels ever created could light up colour-changing buildings Article
Properties of novel ultraviolet-curable and flame-retardant polyurethane acrylate Article
Research award for instrumental analytics and characterisation Article
New technique for high-quality surfactant manufacturing Article
Surface gloss of fibreboard panels veneered with birch wood Article
Andrea Formica is appointed new CEO of Cefla Article
Half-year results 2017: Altana accelerates growth momentum Article
Automated painting of individual pieces Article
Byk to build new integrated site in Shanghai Article
Diffusion of amphiphiles in silicone-based fouling-release coatings Article
2016 results: Altana achieves sales increase and leap in earnings Article
Speed circuit for coating formulations shortens development time Article
Best tests for anti-corrosive paints - a personal viewpoint Article
Fluctuation scaling of colour variability in automotive metallic add-on parts Article
Probing ways to turn cement’s weakness to strength Article
Witec establishes new office in China Article
New dosing technique accelerates contact angle measurements Article
Bubble entrapment and escape from sprayed paint films Article
New book "Colour Technology of Coatings" is out Article
Whiskey drops inspire coatings technology Article
Univar to open new coatings and adhesives laboratory Article
Colour-changing indicators highlight microscopic damage Article
Elcometer consolidates European manufacturing operations Article
Q-Lab Corporation celebrates milestones in China Article
…and the winner is? Blog post
Testing: The view on transmission, haze and clarity Article
Protective coatings: Analysing particle erosion data for aerospace applications Article
Rheological measurement technologies to analyse waterborne paint sprayability Article
Lignins - A "nice-to-have"! Blog post
NIR-reflective pigments – Regulations for comparability needed Blog post
Bayer MaterialScience opens a coatings, adhesives and specialties laboratory in Dubai Article
Electricity may be able to detect rusting reinforcing steel Article
European Coatings LIVE! speaker answered questions Article
The Coatings Training Institute launched for the global Coatings Industry Article
Catch a glimpse behind the scenes of the European Coatings Show 2013 Video
Relation between pendulum hardness and coating thickness analysed Article
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